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  • Yuxiang Lapopo (Taihua Branch)
    Authentic Sichuan dishes are served here. A good environment and warm service will guarantee you a pleasant experience.
    Average cost per person: CNY40~50
    Recommended dishes: Fish Filets in Hot Chili Oil
    Yu rural hot woman (Tai Hua)
    Address: No. 61 Taihua street, Shijiazhuang (Xinhua crossing)
    Yu rural hot woman (Zhongshan store)
    Address: 422 West Zhongshan Road, Shijiazhuang (300 meters south of the Heping Hospital)
    Yu rural hot woman (flagship shop)
    Address: No. 37, Huai'an West Road, Shijiazhuang
    Yu rural hot woman (Hi-tech Zone)
    Address: No. 81 Mount Everest street, Shijiazhuang (Changjiang Road and Mount Everest street intersection northbound 300 meters Road East)
    Yu rural hot woman (Chuan Yue Food Shop)
    Address: intersection of Huai'an East Road and Tan Gu Dong Street, Shijiazhuang
    Yu rural hot woman (Yuhua general store)
    Address: 3 floor, Zhong Hong Building, 108-3 Yuhua East Road, Shijiazhuang.
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