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    Yanfenglou Restaurant is located at North Jianshe Street in Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province,which is one of the best restaurants of chinese catering industry, ranking as the first of top ten restaurants in Hebei three years in succession. It is a middle-sized and state-owned business group that provides both the services of hotel and restaurant which is famous for Beijing roast duck and Beijing cuisine.
    The time-honored Yanfenglou Restaurant was established in 1970s. The three characters Yan Feng Louin restaurant signage were written by Mr. Pu Jie (the brother of last emperor of China)in 1983. The restaurant is an ancient chinese building with four dinning halls in different architectural styles. On the first floor, diversified food are served to the mass consumers while there are many VIP rooms with antique style on the second floor. Those VIP rooms on the third floor are in modern style and provide more delicate cuisine. The dinning hall named Xi Qing Tangis a qualified multi-functional hall for wedding ceremony, birthday party and other banquets.
    Yanfenglou Restaurant (construction general store)
    Address: No. 19 North Avenue, Shijiazhuang
    Yanfenglou Restaurant (Chinese store)
    Address: No. 601, South Zhonghua street, Shijiazhuang
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