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    Over 90 bus routes in the urban area and 7 in the suburban area form a large network, which make transport in Shijiazhuang very convenient. Among the urban routes, there are four tourism lines: Tour 1, Tour 5, Tour 6 and Tour 7. Except the tourism lines, most buses are self-service with a fixed fare of CNY1 per person. Buses in the suburban area include Bus No.201, No.202, No.203, No.204, No.206, No.209 and No.211. They charge in a range of CNY2~7 per person. Bus No.201 can take you to Zhengding County.


    1. You just need to slip the right fare into the cash box inside the front gate of the bus when you get on it. Charges of the Tourism Lines:

    2. Tour 1, Tour 5, Tour 7: CNY2 for the whole routes

    Tour 6: CNY1

    3. Tour 5 can take you to the Baoduzhai Scenic Area, the Zoo and the Martyr's Cemetery;

    Tour 1 can take you to the Botanical Garden;

    Tour 6 can take you to the Zoo, Zhongshan Park, and Zhaotuo Park;

    Tour 7 can take you to the Longquan Temple.




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