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    There are over ten long-distance bus stations scattered over Shijiazhuang City. Here are the main two and their details information:

    Shijiazhuang Passenger Transport Station lies in No.81 Zhanqian Street of Shijiazhuang City, which stands to the south of Shijiazhuang Railway Station. Here, buses connect Shijiazhuang with cities inside Hebei Province, such as Baoding and Qinhuangdao as well as cities outsides Hebei like Shanghai and Beijing. Shijiazhuang Passenger Transport Station can be reached by City-bus No. 3, 16, and 33.

    Tips: Tickets here can be purchased 1 day prior to your departure.

    Shijiazhuang North Passenger Transport Station is situated in No.257 Shizhuang Road of Shijiazhuang City. It can be reached by City-bus No.40. Coaches heading for Shanxi, Shaanxi, Ningxia and places within Shijiazhuang are available here. Moreover, tourism lines to Mt. Wutai and Xibaipo etc. can be found in this station. There are some tourist lines within the city. Buses to Lingshou, Pingshan counties, Tiangui Mountain, Xipaipom Tuoliang and Juguiyuan are all available there.




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