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    Currently, Shijiazhuang has two metro lines –– line 1 and line 3.
    Line 1, opened in June 2017, connects east with west Shijiazhuang. metro line 1 currently starts from Xiwang Station and terminates at Jiahe Street Station, and has a total length of 23.9 kilometers.
    Line 3, opened in June 2017, connects north with south Shijiazhuang. Metro line 3 runs from Xiaohuilou Station to Shijiazhuang Station and covers 6.37 km.
    Each metro station in Shijiazhuang is equipped with an information center, ticket machines, and barrier-free access. Meanwhile, Shijiazhuang metro system uses Type A metro trains, the widest of the various categories available with trains measuring a total width of 3 meters.
    A view of the largest metro station in Shijiazhuang, Xinbai Plaza Metro Station, which is a transfer station connecting line 1 and line 3.
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