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    BRIEF INTRODUCTION The Tuoliang Scenic Area lies at the northwest extremity of Pingshan County, the border between Hebei and Shanxi It is 138 kilometers away from Shijiazhuang and at a distance opposite to Mount Wutai, a famous Buddhist scenic spot. It was so named because its peak is just like a hump. (“ tuo " means " camel ", " liang " means " back “) Its main peak is 2,281 meters above sea level, one of the five highest peaks in Hebei Here the peaks and ridges rise one after another and you can hear the soughing of the wind in the immense forest The serene valley is as beautiful as a painting, the waterfalls are in groups, and the weather is pleasant. The beautiful scenery is very attractive and enchanting.

    The average temperature in summer at Tuoliang is only 19 oC. Tuoliang in summer is green and wet, as if it just came out of the water. The mountains are covered with mist and vapour, and the clouds are full of dew. Nearly 100 waterfalls, such as sandie Fall, Bailong Fall, Renzi Fall and Wuzhi Fall, dot in the verdant and deep 20-li-long valley. The spray of the waterfalls is like jade and the chilly mists become pearls. Dozens of springs, such as Bing Spring, Bailong Spring and Mabao Spring, are scattered in the valley just like strands of bright pearls. Crystal-clear, mountain and Mountain are they never run dry. The grassland on the flowers is at the peak of the Tuoliang masterpieces of nature. The peak, more than 2000 meters above sea level, is broad and smooth as a whetstone. A carpet of green grass in the distance is against the blue sky, white clouds and green pine forest. " The Ecological Tourist Festival " held every year in July is very, bustling and grand.

    TOURIST GUIDE The site of a fortification complex built by Yan Xishan (a Chinese warlord in Shanxi) is on the way up to the mountain. So you can visit it on your way.

    SERVICES In the scenic area, there are Hotel and Holiday Hotel. Besides, there environment, good service and low prices, are dozens of hotels such as Tuoliang are many domestic inns with clean.

    HOW TO GET THERE Drive southward from Beijing along Beijing-Shenzhen Expressway, proceed to Shijiazhuang-Taiyuan Expressway at Shitai Exit, get off at Shiqing Exit, drive along Shiyan Road, pass by Pingshan County Seat to Changyuling and drive northward, pass by Sujiazhuang to Xiahuai, drive a long Shiyan Road to Xiaojue, and then drive northward along the tourist road to get there. If you go to ShijiaZhuang by train, get off at Shijiazhuang North Station, and then take a regular sightseeing bus at the bus station nearby.

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