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    BRIEF INTRODUCTION Baodu Village lies in Luquan City, is kilometers away from Shijiazhuang. It is a national grade 4-A scenic area with a long history. According to legend, in the Han Dynasty, Han Xin, a lead who was forced to put up a desperate fight, ambushed 2,000 soldiers here. In the later Wei Dynasty, Ge Rong rose up, and some of the local people escaped up to the mountain with the calves in their arms, so the mountain is Called the Baodu Mountain (“ bao " means " to hold or carry in the arm " and " du " means " calf “) Around the mountain are cliffs, and the mountain roads are dangerously precipitous However, on the top of the mountain, there is more than 600 mu of plowland, so there is a folk saying, " Hold the calves in arms up to the mountain and raise them into farm cattle to plough the field. "

    The main sights are Reclining Buddha, South Heavenly Gate, Hanxin Memorial Temple, Dianjiang Terrace, the Great Wall surrounding the mountain, Tianmen Cave, the Horne of Niulang and Zhinu, Jiaolong Cave, Jinque Palace, Hall of 500 Arhats, 1,000-Dragon Screen Wall, Heaven Street, Fairy Cave, Lianxin Pavilion and Wanlian Garden. Tianmen Cave and the stone inscriptions in Jiaolong Cave are key cultural relics under provincial protection.

    TOURIST GUIDE The mountain roads at Baodu Village are rather steep, and the scenic spots are mostly on the top of the mountain, so we suggest you take cable cars to the mountain top, since it’s both safe and time-saving The Hall of 500 Arhats is the prime of all the sights. It was built Under ground and you may get down from the entrance in the Maitreya Palace. The Reclining Buddha is very true to 1ife, and it is best to view it from the northeast foot of the mountain. The Lotus Mountain In the south, opposite to the Baodu Mountain, is also a peaceful and secluded scenic spot. If you go down the mountain on foot, you might visit it on your way .

    SERVICES Those who want to stay in the mountain Village may get board and lodging at Baodu Village Hotel, with good conditions Tourists can also get board and lodging in Luquan City. Luquan Hotel has rather good conditions and has local delicacies.

    HOW TO GET THERE Drive southward from Beijing along Beijing-Shenzhen Expressway, proceed to Shijiazhuang-Taiyuan Expressway at Shitai Exit, get off at Luquan Exit to Luquan City, and drive along Taiping Hebei Road to get there If you go to Shijiazhuang by train, get off at Shijiazhuang Station, and then take a No.205 bus at the western suburbs Zoo Bus Station to get to your destination.
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