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    BRIEF INTRODUCTION Hot Spring Holiday Resort lies in Wentang Town of Pingshan County, 60 kilometers away from Shijiazhuang.

    The temperature of the spring water can be up to 60oC-90oC, and it is rich in more than 30 kinds of chemical materials, such as sulfur. It is a high-heat weak-base chloride sulfate oxygen spring, with high medicinal value. It has particularly curative effects on heart disease, rheumatism, arthritis, neuropathy, sports injury and skin diseases. In the past, there was Hanwu Temple on the lake, and according to legend, the spring was excavated during the reign of the Han Emperor Wu. Emperor Wu had a skin disease and couldn’t be cured though a long time had passed. One night, he dreamed of a celestial being that told him that the divine spring water could cure his disease. So he looked for it everywhere when he came to the Wentang River in Pingshan County, he bathed in it, and as a result, he was healed of his disease, Later, he built the Hot Spring Temple here.

    Every year in March, when the peaches are in full blossom, people far and near come here in a continuous stream for baths. ": Hot spring in March with peach blossoms " has become a grand scene.

    TOURIST GUIDE In the past, Lutai Temple was located on the high terrace southwest of the hot spring, where a deer was buried, and the place is called Lutai Village (“ lu " means " deer “). But now, only the stele is left. There are many wonderful folk tales about Lutai Village and you can ask the local people to tell you some.

    SERVICES There are dozens of hotels such as Wentang Hotel, Shitie Hot Spring Holiday Resort and Xiyuan Hot Spring Holiday Resort.

    HOW TO GET THERE Drive southward from Beijing along Beijing-Shenzhen Expressway, proceed to Shijiazhuang-Taiyuan Expressway at Shitai Exit, get off at Shiqing Exit, drive along Shiyan Road, pass by Pingshan County Seat, turn left at Changyuling to get there. If you go to Shijiazhuang by train, get off at Shijiazhuang North Station. Regular buses at the bus station nearby go there.

    TELEPHONE Pingshan County Tourist Bureau: 86-311-82911827






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