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    BRIEF INTRODUCTION The Panlong Lake 1ies in Yuanshi County, 22 kilometers southwest of Shijiazhuang. The scenic area covers an area of 14 square kilometers, and the water area accounts for 3.5 square kilometers. It is a comprehensive touring and vacation area with entertainment, touring and conferencing.

    The surface of the Panlong Lake is very broad, and the scenery is very beautiful. There are three islands in the lake, namely, the Lotus island, Long Island and Reed Catkins Island. There are many excellent games such as large water sliding board, high-speed motorboats, boat-racing, angling, swimming, mountain-climbing and sand beach volleyball, which will make you enjoy yourself so much as to forget to go home. There are also some entertainment facilities, such as the bowling alley and song and dance hall, where you can display your skills. There are not only high grade suites and standard rooms but also peasants’ inns with local delicacies. This will cater to all different levels of tourists, needs.

    TOURIST GUIDE Five kilometers west of the Panlong Lake is the Fenglong Mountain. Twenty five kilometers westward is the Cangyan Mountain. Twenty-five kilometers southward is Zhangshiyan Crag Thirty-five kilometers south sward is Zhaozhou Bridge and Bailin Buddhist Temple. You can take this locality as a " base ", and try to visit more scenic spots and see more sights.

    SERVICES There are more than 20 holiday hotels and restaurants of different grades.

    HOW TO GET THERE Drive southward from Beijing along Beijing-Shenzhen Expressway, proceed to Shijiazhuang-Taiyuan Expressway at Shitai Exit, get off at Luquan Exit, drive along Huaitong Road and Zhuangyuan Road to get there. If you go to ShijiaZhuang by train, get off at ShijiaZhuang Station, go to Shengnan Bus Station at No.161 Shengli street, and then change to a No.209 regular bus to get there.

    TELEPHONES Panlong Lake Scenic Area: 86-311-84581130

    Yuanshi County Tourist Bureau: 86-311-84621000





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