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    ShiJiazhuang Sixian also called Xian tune , XianSuo tune, HeXi tune, XiaoGu tune, NvEr tune, which is one of the archaic operas of Hebei, and it also a far-between regional opera of China. It is very popular in most area of Heibe, JinZhong and Yanbei area. ShiJiazhuang sixian has 500 traditional plats, “The Empty Seal Box”,”The White Shirt” ,”The Small Second Miss’ dream” ”Drive Away The Son-in-law” ”Jinling Stratagem” ”The Hate of Newly-Married “ ”The Life And Death Brand” ”Zongze and Yuefei” and so on are the representational plays.
    ShiJizhuang Sixian developed from the QingMing opera. it has the particular aria, and song the lyric with the real tone, it’s rhythm is profuse and changefully. The SiXian music is belongs to XianSuo tone,it has about 500 different music opern, about 100 kinds of accompaniment opern, it could be divided two parts:Guan tune and Yue tune. Most music opern of Guan tune are anomalous sentences, it’s representative is “AmuseThe Kiddie”; Most music opern ofYue tune are antitheses sentences. It’s representative are “three path tune” and “LuoLuo”. There are different roles in SiXian opera, and the performance of it is impassioned, bold and unconstrained, its’ motionis exaggerated, and has dense local breath.

    ShiJiazhuang Sixian is the outstanding representative of YanZhao culture, it has the creationary character, and has a high station in the dramas of Hebei area, people often said: the first is Kunqu, the second is Gao tune the third is SiXian. Recently, with the develop of aggiornamento, the value tropism, the concept of taste has an huge change, the room of the drama opera became more and more smaller. Some Sixian troupes of ShiJiazhuang stopped their action early or late, there is the only troupe--ShiJizhuang Sixian troupe is maintain performing, but it face the wither of perform market, audience decreasing. the list of put on plays’aging, lack of outlay, the temporary shortage of professional etc, It need our country take some measures to dig and salve.




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